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5 Great Things About Pointed-Toe Shoes

Posted by Christine Reicker on

I'll just get to the point, (pun intended--please forgive me), so here we go:

1. Your legs look longer.

Shoes usually have either a pointed-toe, a round toe, or a square toe. When the line of the leg ends with the point of a pointed-toe shoe, the line is extended.
Even flats, when they are pointed-toe, make your legs look longer. My personal favorite--kitten heels, with their thin but low heel make your legs look longer.
If you don’t know what kitten heels are, they are women’s shoes with a very low heel, but the heel is thin, almost like a stiletto, but the heel curves inward, which is a classic “kitten heel.”

ic: a gorgeous kitten heel shoe


Some women dislike kitten heels, but this point of view I don’t understand. Kitten heels are like flats and high-heels combined: the best of both worlds. Because they are low-heeled, you can run around in them all day or stand in them all night—comfortably—something not easily accomplished with a heel higher than even two inches. Plus, the style can be elegant or casual. Most kitten heels are also pointed-toe, so they lengthen the leg, and did I mention you can run around in them?

2. Pointed-toe shoes are sexy.

I never even thought of my pointed-toe shoes as being sexy. When my (now ex) boyfriend and I first started dating, he looked down at the pointed-toe flats that I was wearing and asked, “Do you know men find shoes like that (i.e., pointed-toe shoes) sexy?” No, I didn’t. Like most women, I thought that men found only high-heeled shoes sexy. Who knew?

Did I tell you about kitten heels? Oh, yes, I did above. They are sexy, too.

Round-toe shoes, whether they are flats or pumps, are “softer” than a pointed-toe shoe. Round things do not have edges or angles; they have curves. Perhaps a round-toe platform pump with a five-inch heel is sexy, but not as sexy (or fierce!) as a pointed-toe shoe with a lower heel.

3. They denote power.

Pointed objects can be sharp (like a knife), or have angles (like a triangle or square). Angles, points, and sharp objects are sometimes to be avoided lest getting hurt. Conversely, round objects, inherently curved, cannot cut or poke.

A round-toe shoe is soft and feminine, and while a pointed-toe shoe is equally feminine, the point somehow denotes that the wearer means business.

As for squared-toe shoes, well, square toes are blunt. Even when there’s a bow on top of the shoe, square-toes shoes look practical. A high-heeled, square-toe boot looks practical when compared to a pointed-toe boot, even if it has a lower heel.  Have you noticed that square-toed boots and shoes often have a chunky heel? Practicality. Sometimes a girl needs to be practical, or that’s her style. Nothing wrong with that.

That's not to say a squared-to shoe cannot be stylish. Au contraire. The square-toed pumps by Roger Vivier worn by Catherine Deneuve n the film Belle de Jour  are considered very fashionable and are copied by designers today. 

4. They look dressy, elegant.

While a round- or square-toed shoe can certainly be dressy and elegant (velvet loafers, crystal ornamentation across the toe area on a round-toed shoe), the shoe with the pointed-toe will be the most elegant. Again, it has to do with lines.

5. They can be/are comfortable.

Comfort with any type of shoe has a lot to do with wearing the correct size. One would think this goes without saying, but I have heard of women who wear shoes a size smaller than they should so that people would not think she has big feet. This boggles my mind. First, tight shoes hurt, and sore feet usually result in crankiness and a bad mood. Second, a person’s feet are as big as they are—cramming them into a small shoe does not make them smaller. Which brings me to my third point—foot problems. As long as the fit is correct for your foot, and barring any foot problems, pointed-toe shoes should be comfortable. But foot problems might develop from wearing shoes that are too small.  

I am not a saint when it comes to avoiding ill-fitting shoes. When I was much an undergrad, I coveted a pair of pointed-toe shoes that were almost out of stock—they were only available in a narrow width. Even though I wore a medium width, I bought them anyway. They had a high vamp, which is not often seen except in shoes from the 1940’s. They resurfaced again in the 80's. I adored shoes with high vamps.

ic: A 1940's pump with a high vamp


With every step I took, I could feel the bones across the widest part of my foot crunching together. Because I wore them so often, they eventually stretched out. Hey, I was 20 years old, my feet were young, and I didn’t care. I wanted to wear those shoes, and wear them I did--until they fell apart from old age. I don’t recommend doing this.

Can you think of any other advantages of pointed-toe shoes? I’d love to hear from you. 



Featured silver shoe by Badgley Mischka

Blue kitten heel with ornamentation by Badgley Mischka

Red 1940's pump via




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