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How to Save Money on Shoes (beyond shopping shoe sales)

Posted by Christine Reicker on

4 Ways to Save Money on Shoes

The most obvious way to save money on shoes is to buy them on sale. However, I have found that I cannot always find the shoe I really want in my size once that shoe goes on sale. Shoes seem to be snapped up more quickly than other items of clothing, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps it's all the sizes that one pair of shoes can come in. A store can stock a larger quantity of a size "medium" sweater as opposed to how many size 7 shoes in one style it can keep on hand, for example. Luckily, other ways to save money on shoes do exist

“Stalk” the shoes you want.

This first method might help you find a pair of shoes you’re lusting after at a lower price than the store or website you originally found them on. See if they are available on more than one website. I do this when I really want a pair of shoes, but they are a little outside of my price range. 

Stalk a pair online daily to see which sizes are selling quickly. You might need to act quickly to get the shoe in your size if that size is going fast.  Or, Google the brand name and style of shoe (its "name" if it has one), and you might find it on other sites for a much lower price. I thought a pair of Badgley Mishcka shoes was lost to me (I had discovered them online after they had been around a while) until I decided to look them up by their style "name." These shoes were more than I was willing to spend full price, but they were so gorgeous! I found them both at  Saks Fifth Avenue and on Amazon. Surprisingly, they cost more on Amazon. At Saks, they were marked 40% off and included free shipping. I have stalked shoes more than once, and this method works!

Take care of your shoes.

Resole them—or at least the heels and (pointed)-toe.

Resoling will actually extend the life of your shoes a year if you wear them often—more if you were them only on occasion. If they go out of style, but you love them, save them! Styles always come back. They’ll be a great “vintage” shoe someday.

Polish them on a regular basis. I know—it’s a pain. Or, it could be a relaxing activity when you can let your mind wander.

Use Pointelles shoe insert/shapers for pointed-toe shoes to keep the pointed-toe section full. Otherwise, you might not want to wear them once they become creased or bent. The money you spent on them will essentially have been wasted.

Protect your shoes when traveling.

Do you toss your shoes "naked" into your carry on or suitcase? Unless your shoes are new, the dirty soles, which have touched who-knows-what, will come into contact with your clothes--ugh. 

When you travel, pack shoes separately in food storage bags. When I return from travel, I simply keep the bags in my suitcase or carry on. That way, they are already there for my next trip, and plastic bags are not wasted. 

If your budget allows, purchase soft shoe bags. Many styles are available online for reasonable prices. A basic internet search will yield many results.

Keep your shoes organized.

Tossing your shoes into the closet or onto a pile of other shoes will leave your shoes scuffed (if they hit other shoes) or crushed (if they eventually have other shoes or objects tossed on top of them).

Keep your shoes on a shoe rack on the closet floor or on a hanging shoe organizer that hangs from a hook on a closet door.

Some people like to keep their shoes in the original box and stack them with the narrow end facing them. Then, they take pictures of the shoes inside the box and affix the picture to the end of the box for easy identification without having to look inside multiple boxes to find the shoes they want.

ic: shoe boxes labeled with photos


I envy this strategy as it looks tidy--and cute!, but even this is too much work for me, a very organized person. Perhaps once I own enough pairs of shoes…or have a walk-in closet with a wall full of shoe cubbies…. 😊


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