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Sunnier Days Lie Ahead

Posted by Christine Reicker on

To all of you who visit this site during this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place, which most governors have imposed on the citizen of their states, Hello! and I hope things are well considering the circumstances.

In addition to running Pointelles, I have a “regular” job. I am quite fortunate to be able to work from home during this time. Today, I am waiting at the car dealership while having my car serviced. It was supposed to be a routine oil and filter change, but because my car is 14 years old, I expected the service tech to find other (costly) repairs. Find repairs he did. For some reason, one of the expenses I dislike most to incur are car repairs. Why is that? Probably because I have nothing to show for spending $1200.00. No new adventure taken, no fun experience. 

Why am I risking boring you with tales of car expenses?  Because during this time of sheltering-in-place, I have been spending more money than I usually do shopping online (and have no money for unforeseen car expenses!), and perhaps you have been, too. Does this have anything to do with pointed-toe shoes? Sort of. 

Many of us are spending more money on online purchases for necessities so that we can have them delivered and thus avoid going to the grocery store and possibly exposing ourselves to COVID-19. 

While shopping online is a necessity while some retails stores are closed, looking at cute shoes or cosmetics I might "need" has also become a welcome distraction; that is, when I am seeking out frivolous and fun items after trying to find toilet paper that's actually in stock.

Normally, I try to avoid the "promotions" tab of my e-mail. Why? I don't usually actually need anything, but I always like and therefore want--something. Each morning, I quickly scan the length of the promotions "from" column, trying to avoid subject headings that tease at the fabulous sales going on at my favorite online stores.

I am quite thankful to retailers who are still fulfilling orders online. They, too, are putting themselves at some risk for catching the coronavirus if they must come into a call center to take orders. Likewise for the packers and shippers. The other day, I found myself seeking out the pricey cream eye shadow sticks I had been playing with at Sephora a few weeks before it closed (temporarily). Never mind that I don’t have to put on makeup to work on my laptop in my kitchen. But I do anyway. It makes my morning routine more fun when I can experiment with new eye makeup looks. On a practical level, I also bought a few pieces of resistance equipment--money spent on items I would not need if my gym--any gym, were open.

Recently, one of my favorite online clothing stores was having a sale, and I ordered a white eyelet dress with long bell sleeves. Even though I felt guilty for spending money on a dress I cannot wear until who-knows-when, purchasing it provided me with momentary happiness and lifted my spirits. Each time I go to my closet to grab a piece of resistance equipment, I see the sleeves of the white eyelet dress poking out from the other dresses hanging next to it. It's bright whiteness, and the eyelet shaped like daisies, makes me smile. 

The dress has become a symbol, a symbol of the day when we no longer have to worry about social distancing, sheltering-in-place, or contracting a virulent virus if we are not vigilant. 

Someday, I will have a place to wear that dress. It will be warm enough to go bare-legged. I could pair it with a pair of sandals...or my pewter soft metallic flats. 

...What do you do to distract yourself during this challenging time? 


Photo Credit: Aditya Saxena via unsplash



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