How to prevent creasing & bending on pointed-toe shoes? With Pointelles shoe shapers!

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Will Pointelles shoe inserts cram my toes?

Pointelles were specifically and carefully designed to fit into the top most pointed-toe section of the shoe, so it should not cram your toes--even if you have a second toe that is longer than your big toe. 

 ic:Pointelles shoe inserts measure 2.25 cm in length

 Do Pointelles fit into all pointed-toe shoes?

As you can see in the photo above with the tape measure, these inserts fit into most shoes (boots, flats, heels) with a pointed toe. They are meant to be pushed up into the "empty" pointed-toe section so they stay up there--and so they can do their job. :)

If your shoes have a very narrow point and the (empty) pointed-toe section is up to an inch or more in length the insert will squeeze up into the tip, but of course, the wider part below the tip might not have any part of the insert in it. 

That said, the very tip of the shoe will not crush or flatten. A shoe needs to bend somewhere when walking, but it won't flatten out in the tip when the insert is in that empty space. 

When I designed Pointelles, I was concerned with the second toe coming into contact with the insert. Some people have a second toe that is longer than the big toe. Perhaps you or someone you know has a long second toe. :)

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