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Will Pointelles shoe inserts cram my toes?

Pointelles were specifically and carefully designed to fit into the top-most pointed-toe section of the shoe, so it should not cram your toes--even if you have a second toe that is longer than your big toe. 

Measure down one inch from the very tip/point of your shoe. This is where the wide end will be--the end near the tips of your toes. Where will your toes be? This can give you a good estimate.

 ic:Pointelles shoe inserts measure 2.25 cm in length


 Do Pointelles fit into all pointed-toe shoes?

The dense but soft foam is meant to be pushed up into the "empty" pointed-toe section so it stays in place, and can do its job. :)

With extreme pointed-toe shoes (longer than one inch, up to three inches past tips of toes) like the shoes in the black and white photo above, Pointelles will fit into the very tip of the point. That will leave the wider section of the point past the toes "empty," but it will not be able to flatten out as it might without an insert. The tip will stay full and will not crease. 

If your shoes have a very narrow point, and the (empty) pointed-toe section is up to an inch or more in length, then the insert will squeeze up into the tip.

If the pointed-toe section of your shoe is relatively wide, (tip more like a combination of rounded toe and slight tip like the spotted shoes below) then the insert might not be able to squeeze in and therefore would be loose. 

 A wide, rounded point might be too large,
and Pointelles inserts might fall out. See measurements on home page.


Will Pointelles really keep my shoes from creasing?

A shoe needs to bend somewhere when walking, and with pointed-toes shoes, the point often bends where the toes end, but the rest of the empty point also bends and creases.

  • With new shoes, if Pointelles are used within one or or two wearings, the insert will prevent bending and creasing, and the point will stay full. 
  • With already worn, creased points, inserting a Pointelles insert will fill out the pointed section and smooth out any creases. 

What are Pointelles made of? Do they contain latex?

Pointelles are made of polyurethane foam. They do not contain latex. 

Is the foam hard or soft?

The polyurethane foam is of a medium density; soft enough to not hurt your toes, but firm enough to withstand the forces of walking and maintain their (and your shoes') shape. 

Is the plastic container recyclable?

At this point, no. I had to source the plastic "clamshell" pre-made, as this is much less expensive than having a company make a custom container--whether out of plastic or paper. The cost would be prohibitive, and this cost would have to be passed onto the consumer. 

Advantages of the clamshell container:

  • Protects inserts if heavy items are placed on them during shipping. 
  • The clamshells are very light, resulting in lower shipping charges to you.
  • It's been chosen to be as small as possible. 

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Photo Credits

Insert and tape measure, Pointelles' owner

Black and white photo of women showing shoes, Harper's Bazaar, 1960

Cheetah print shoe,