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What Pointelles is Doing to Protect Customers During COVID

My name is Christine, and I am the owner of Pointelles LLC. I have no employees and do everything myself. I work out of my home "office," which is my kitchen table. Also, I have a full-time "regular" job and am most fortunate to be able to work from home. I mention this so you know that I personally have very little contact with many people. I practice social distancing, and when I run errands, I wear a face mask and a face shield.

I am a natural germophobe, so I am even more of a germophobe now during this COVID-19 global pandemic. The shoe inserts that you purchase have been in my possession from the manufacturer for a long time--way before the pandemic. They are stored in sealed bags within boxes. No one touches the inserts, packaging, or anything mailed to you (e.g., packing slip)  except for me. I am a bit of a private person, so I don't wish to disclose whom I live with. Just know that everything you receive in the mail when you purchase Pointelles shoe inserts has only been touched by my freshly washed hands until your package arrives at the post office.

Also, I am very neat, clean, and organized, so your shipment will never sit on a dirty surface while it's in my possession.

Stay safe!